Tyus and Florida get it done

Coach Billy Donovan and Alex Tyus did not waste any time getting it done after Coach Donovan witnessed the 6-foot-8, 210-pound forward's stellar play at the Reebok ABCD Camp.
"Tuesday my mother spoke with Coach Donovan, and he told her he was very impressed with what he saw at the camp," said Tyus, who attends Harmony Christian school in Cincinnati, Ohio. "Then I spoke with Coach Donovan and everything was very positive.
"I had also enjoyed my trip down to Florida as well. All along I have wanted to be a Gator, but Coach Donovan needed to see me first hand and get a feel for how I would fit into their system."
Coach Donovan and any other coach in need of a long, athletic forward who can run and hit mid-range shots had to be impressed with Tyus at the ABCD Camp.
"I got calls from new schools like Louisville, Oklahoma State and Texas after the camp," said Tyus. "And Illinois, who had already been recruiting me, really wanted to get a commitment after the camp."
Fortunately for Tyus and Florida, Tyus decided to play at the camp despite having a fractured finger on his left hand. In an era where prospects often opt out of competition unless everything is perfect physically, Tyus played through an injury and reaped a deserved reward.
"I do think I played pretty well," he acknowledged. "I wanted to show a different aspect of my game by knocking down jumpers and playing more of a complete game.
"I've been shooting well since the end of the spring AAU season, but with the D-One Greyhounds I don't get a lot of touches and have to play my role as a rebounder. At the camp, I was able to get up more shots."
Tyus' ability to morph between roles of scorer and rebounder make him an even more valuable prospect. At the Big Time event in Las Vegas, he will be back in more of a rebounding role as he suits up with the D-One Greyhounds.