Mike Jarvis, Jr. Working The Circuit Hard

MIDDLE ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Despite the Rim Rocker tournament being in New York and on Long Island, it's quite a trip for any New York City coach.
But St. John's assistant coach Mike Jarvis, Jr., filled up his car's tank with plenty of unleaded gasoline and made the almost three hour trip out to Eastern Long Island to watch some of the great, underclassmen talent on display at Longwood High School. St. John's, located in Jamaica, Queens, is a long haul from its campus to the eastern part of Long Island.
Jarvis, Jr. was taking a peek at some of the talent for Our Savior New American. Some of the players many college coaches will take a look at on this team are juniors Konimba Diarra and Gene Selimi and sophomore Juan Palacios.
Diarra is about 6-9, 220-pounds and is going to be a very good player on the college level. (more on him later on this site). Selimi is not known by most but he is a terrific perimeter shooter (more on him later too).
Palacios is a horse. A sophomore that is about 6-7, 225-pounds, he has the ability to face and post (we will also have more on him later on this site).
But the day did not end in eastern Long Island for Jarvis, Jr. Mike took the 2 1/2-3 hour trip back to the City to catch another game.
Massachusetts' Chris Walker was also spotted at the game, scouting some of the talent.
Just another day in the life of an assistant coach.