A Look at New York Prospects

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GameBall Magazine looks at some of the top recruits from the New York metropolitan area. Sophomore guard A.J. Price (right) is a teammate of one of 2002's top prospects Jason Fraser. Price, and Fraser, are among those profiled.
Jason Fraser
6’10/C, (NY) Amityville HS
The No. 2 recruit in the class of 2002, Fraser who has committed to Villanova, is a powerful, athletic shot-blocking post player with long arms. His defensive presence reminds many of Hall of Fame great Bill Russell.
Quincy Douby
6’3/2G, (NY) Grady HS
The No. 15 recruit in the class of 2002, Douby who has committed to Hofstra, is a tremendous shooter who consistently hits deep threes and mid-range jumpers.
George Jefferson
6’4/WF, (NY) Automotive HS
The No. 29 recruit in the class of 2002, Jefferson who has committed to St. Peter’s, is a tweener who is strong on the baseline with very good post-up skills. Must become a more consistent shooter as he prepares to step out on the perimeter at the collegiate level.
Sabastian Telfair
5’11/PG, (NY) Lincoln HS
The No. 1 recruit in the class of 2004, Telfair is one of the top players in the country, he brings pro-skills to the high school game. He shoots the three from pro-range with tremendous lift, can take people off the dribble at will, with explosive moves and French pastry.
Kevin Hamilton
6’4/2G, (NY) Molloy HS
The No. 21 recruit in the class of 2002, Hamiltion who has committed to Holy cross, has outstanding size for a combo guard, he is a scorer with three point range and the ability to use his height on the inside, but who can also run the team for you.
Shagari Alleyne
7’2/C, (NY) Rice HS
The No. 3 recruit in the class of 2003, Allegne is being recruited by every major college program in the country. Along with his height and long arms and loads of potential that will continued to be realized as his overall game develops, Allegne brings an intimidating defensive presence to the game.
Doug Elwell
6’4/WF, (NY) Mgsr. Farrell HS
The No. 23 recruit in the class of 2005, Elwell is a versatile two-three type of player who can step out and shoot the three, and when needed post-up for you.
Kyle McAlerney
6’0/2G, (NY) Moore Catholic
The No. 27 recruit in the class of 2005, McAlerney is a fundamentally sound perimeter player who is a good shooter. He’s a smart player who coaches really like to have.
Juan Diego Tello Palacios
6’8/PF, (NY) Our Savior New America
The No. 2 recruit in the class of 2004, Tello Palacios is a physical specimen, he has a lot of physical tools, and runs the floor exceptionally well for a big man. He can step outside and shot from 17 feet, but is a true post player who knows how to finish. Tello Palacios is turning a lot of heads.
Tyrell Biggs
6’7/PF, (NY) Don Bosco Prep
The No. 1 recruit in the class of 2005, Biggs has a tremendous combination of physical talent and fundamentals. Those assets will likely carry him into the national spotlight. He is a true power forward, who can bang inside and is very strong. Coaches love him because he has all the great post moves and knows how to finish.
Cameron Tyler
5’11/2G, (NY) Cardozo HS
The No. 18 recruit in the class of 2003, Tyler is a phenomenal scorer, who can hit the deep three as well take people off the dribble with the “killer” handle. Tyler can be explosive on the offensive end.
Sundiata Gaines
6’1/2G, (NY) Molloy HS
The No. 5 recruit in the class of 2004, Gaines is a strong athletic, slasher type shooting guard, who continues to improve his perimeter game, while manhandling guards and forwards alike around the basket.
Brian Geffen
5’9/PG, (NY) St. Francis Prep
The No. 33 recruit in the class of 2004, Geffen is emerging as a top-flight point guard. He can score in bunches, but he really excels as a decision maker who can run the show, he’s a heady guard.
Japhete McNeil
5’11/PG, (NY) Christ the King
The No. 13 recruit in the class of 2003, McNeil has the total leadership package, he has athleticism, play-making ability and good shooting range that extends beyond the three-point arc. He’s the type of player that can bloody someone’s nose with a pass if they’re not playing close attention.
Mamadou Diakhate
6’4/WF, (NY) St. Mary’s HS
The No. 8 recruit in the class of 2003, Diakhate is an explosive physical athlete who can step outside and shoot, as well as knows how to bang and score on the inside.
Anthony (A.J.) Price
6’0/PG, (NY) Amittyville HS
The No. 9 recruit in the class of 2004, Price keeps elevating his game, a break-you-down slasher with three-point range and ability to run the offence.
Brian Sisti
6’7/PF, (NY) Northport HS
The No. 22 recruit in the class of 2003, Sisti is a versatile inside-outside player who brings size, rebounding and scoring ability.
Edward Berrios
5’11/PG, (NY) Roosevelt HS
The No. 23 recruit in the class of 2003, Berrios is a smooth, fundamentally sound penetrating guard with a sweet game, who can shoot it out to the three-point arc.
Walter Murray
6’0/PG, (NY) Our Savior New America
The No. 31 recruit in the class of 2003, Murray’s stock is rising, he’s a silky sweet three-point shooter, who’s handle is consistently improving along with his point guard skills.
Russell Robinson
6’2/2G, (NY) Rice HS
The No. 3 recruit in the class of 2004, Russell is an impact player who can score in a variety of ways, mid-range jumper, three-point range, slashing drives, he has a knack for the ball which has made him a good rebounder from the guard position.
Gary Irvin
5’10/PG, (NY) Robeson HS
The No. 9 recruit in the class of 2002, Irvin may be heading the prep school route next year, he’s got the excuse me don’t reach handle, along with the pull-up jumper from mid-range out to three-point range. An exciting open court performer.
Keydren Clark
5’9/PG, (NY) Rice HS
The No. 16 recruit in the class of 2002, Clark is a shooter in every sense of the word, he can come off screens all game long and bury three-pointers. His dribble is tremendously improved, which will help his play-making ability.