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Dallas live Saturday: Bossi's scouting notes

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl
Jeremiah Robinson-Earl (Under Armour/Kelly Kline)

DUNCANVILLE, Texas - Five-star forward Jeremiah Robinson-Earl has taken his play to a new level. He's one of several players who caught National Basketball Analyst Eric Bossi's eye on Saturday. Below are some news and notes about those players.

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Edwards is a bully ball-scorer with surprising athleticism given his sturdy frame. I love confident jump shooters and this is a kid who thinks that every single one of them is going in. He can be a bit streaky, but he backed up his five-star status on Saturday.

The most notable thing about Robinson-Earl is his added strength. He's looking more and more like somebody who has already been in a college weight room, and that bodes well for him being ready to play from day one. Aside from the added physical strength, what really stands out is that he can now step out and make jumpers from mid-range to even the three-point line with pretty good consistency. He's one of the best 2019 players on the Under Armour Circuit.

It's hard not to like what the five-star from Australia brings to the table. After a great week at the Nike Hoop Summit, Green was outstanding with West Coast Elite in the UA Association. A good athlete and transition finisher, Green could be one of 2019's premier defenders and he's become much better as a jump shooter.

It was just good to actually see Marial play in a live game. It feels as if the big man with a 7-foot-10 wingspan has been injured for some time now. Offensively, he looked quite rusty while I was able to watch him, but just his mere presence around the rim caused a lot of second thoughts. I will be interested to see where he is after another month or so of getting his legs under him.

In the class of 2020, Thompson is one of the more highly skilled wing players. He's grown to at least 6-foot-4, has added a bit more bulk and is looking to drive more. If he's open from deep, Thompson isn't going to miss much, but he does need a fair amount of space to get his shot off due to a low release. He's already a Big 12 priority and will continue to be so.

Delaire is a fit for the way so many teams are looking to play in that he's a skilled four man who you can run some offense through. He didn't shoot as well as I've seen in the past during my viewing, but he's a much better ball handler and passer than I had realized.

People worrying about whether Tandy is a point or a two guard probably shouldn't look to recruit him. Pure and simple: He's a scorer with a nice pull-up jumper, toughness and some explosion. If you play wide open and like to put guys on the floor who can make plays off the dribble, Tandy is the kind of guy for you.

Playing with Tandy on Memphis-based Team Thad, Ramsey is a long and lean big man who is really starting to come into his own. He's an SEC athlete, does a nice job on the glass and backed up his Rivals150 status.

It was a nice day for Scott when I got to watch him with the Philly Pride. He looked comfortable as a mismatch four man who could drive and make some plays in transition. He had his toughness ramped up.

There's nothing but upside for the twins who committed to Oklahoma State less than a week ago. The shorter of the two, Keylan is a bit more advanced on the perimeter and is intriguing because of potential to develop into a big jump shooter with athleticism. Kalib is a rail-thin four man with big-time athleticism and outstanding instincts as a rebounder and rim protector. Despite a lack of strength he will really compete.

The Boone twins still have some developing to do, but they've got big upside and were a no-brainer for Mike Boynton and his staff.

I'm intrigued by London because of his size, physicality and ability to create for himself off the dribble. London is also a four-star wide receiver, and that football mentality shows on the basketball floor, where he embraces contact. With programs like Virginia and Georgetown among those starting to offer hoops scholarships, he's going to have a tough decision about whether to hoop or play football at the next level.

Christie and Johnson were two class of 2021 players that really stood out to me when the Illinois Wolves and KC Run GMC tangled in a 16U game.

A long and skilled combo guard, Christie looks like he could be one of the next big-time prospects out of the state of Illinois. He can shoot, is a good athlete and - most of all - he's got an incredible feel for the game and makes the right play, which you don't often see in a high school freshman.

Johnson doesn't have Christie's size, but the product of Wichita has a big-time motor and blazing quickness. He's going to find one way or another to get to the rim and he knows what to do when he gets there. Johnson can also knock down jumpers to keep defenders honest and is going to put up a ton of points in high school and is on track to be recruited at a high level.