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Rivals Rankings Week: Who was the toughest 2022 prospect to rank?

The time has come to update the 2022 Rivals150. While preparing the rankings, there were a few players that sparked a lot of debate for various reasons. So, who were the toughest players to evaluate and rank when comparing them to the rest of the candidates. Analysts Eric Bossi and Dan McDonald have Rival Views.


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BOSSI'S VIEW: Arterio Morris

Ever since I first saw Arterio Morris last fall, I’ve felt that he has as big of an upside as any other guard in the class. At 6-foot-4 he has tremendous athleticism, he can play on both ends of the court and I have written before that physically, he’s very similar to a young John Wall. Now committed to Memphis, the hope is that a former NBA star like Penny Hardaway will be the perfect coach to maximize his potential.

While Morris’ upside remains without question, his production can be hit or miss and a debate can be had about whether or not he got much better between the end of his sophomore season and the summer. Taking into account his long-term potential and judging it against his current production and the production of others he’s being compared to was definitely one of the most difficult issues during this set of rankings.


MCDONALD'S VIEW: Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

I find Brandon Huntley-Hatfield to be a really difficult evaluation. Not many prospects in the 2022 class pass the eye test like he does. At 6-foot-9, the 220-pound forward has a really strong, athletic frame and you can tell he's put in the work on skill development too. Like a lot of prospects his age, consistency is a concern.

When he's locked in, I've seen him look like a contender for the No. 1 overall spot. I've seen him other times where I'm not sure we should have him anywhere near five-star range. He has a final eight of Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Ole Miss and Wake Forest and I'm really curious to track his development going forward because I definitely think he's an NBA talent if he can become a more consistent player.