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Rivals Rankings Week: Biggest questions for the updated Rivals150

The Rivals150 for 2024 hasn't been updated since September of last year, but that's set to change this week. The rankings will get a facelift on Wednesday, and there will be no shortage of big names moving around and new faces making their debut.

Today, in advance of the refresh, Rivals examines a handful of questions that will be answered by the impending update.


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Tre Johnson ascended to the top spot in the Rivals150 back in September and will now look to hang on to his No. 1 ranking in a class that feels extremely wide open at the top. Johnson is probably the most consistent and proven option, but cases can certainly be made for a handful of other options.

Current No. 2 overall prospect Flory Bidunga, an elite rim-protecting big from the Midwest, might have the highest long-term upside of any player in the class and could have a claim to being its No. 1 prospect. Combo guard Dylan Harper is also worth monitoring, as the 6-foot-5 junior continues to make a push up the rankings and has the dynamic skill set indicative of a No. 1 overall player.

The 2024 class is without a slam-dunk No. 1, and players further down the list could make unexpected pushes in the coming year.



Montverde (Fla.) Liam McNeeley is considering Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma and others, and has steadily become one of the more in-demand prospects in America. On top of having a contested recruitment, however, McNeeley continues to progress as a player and is developing into a complete, hyper-versatile wing that impacts games in a long list of ways.

The Texas-born standout has long been a scoring threat capable of filling it up from deep and taking defenders off the bounce. His junior season has showcased growth as a defender, passer and ball-handler, so he’s looked poised to add a fifth star for weeks. McNeeley is a lock to jump up the rankings next week, leaving how high he’ll rise as the only remaining question.

The top 10 doesn’t feel totally out of reach for McNeeley, who currently sits on the No. 25 line.



The most anticipated Rivals150 debut belongs to New York-based guard V.J. Edgecombe, who has burst onto the national radar with little warning this season. Currently, a three-star prospect, Edecombe will be adding a star and bursting into the Rivals150 with gusto this week.

The only lingering question is what number will be next to his name on Wednesday, when the rankings update. Edgecombe is undoubtedly a top-100 talent and has proven as much all season. There are prospects in and around the top 50 that Edgecombe has outperformed this season, and it’s clear that the 6-foot-5 wing is yet to reach his ceiling. Edgecombe is in contact with programs such as Mississippi State, Miami, Villanova, Charleston, Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan, but is yet to take a single visit.



The top committed prospect belongs to North Carolina, as hyper-athletic guard Ian Jackson currently occupies the No. 3 spot. Commits belonging to Baylor (Yves Missi) and Rutgers (Airious Bailey) could push The Tar Heels and Jackson in the next update, however.

Missi has separated himself from most of the bigs in this class, while Bailey is starting to round back into form since coming back from a knee injury and looks like a possible top-five type player. Most of the top prospects in the class remain uncommitted, so the jostling at the top between the few players that have chosen a college home will intensify in the coming month.