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Class of 2019 Five-Stars: Predicting where top 15 will land

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Cole Anthony
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From the class of 2019, the only five-star prospects who have made their decisions are No. 7 Tyrese Maxey who is off the board to Kentucky and No. 20 Onyeka Okongwu who is headed to USC.

Today, the team of Eric Bossi, Corey Evans, Dan McDonald and Krysten Peek takes a look at the top 15 undecided players from the rising senior class and gives their early predictions.

Contenders: Final five of Duke, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan State and North Carolina.

Predictions: Duke (Bossi, Evans, McDonald), North Carolina (Peek)

Contenders: Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Georgetown, North Carolina, Oregon, Wake Forest and others.

Predictions: Oregon (Bossi), Duke (Evans, McDonald, Peek)

Contenders: Kentucky and Memphis.

Predictions: Kentucky (Bossi, Evans), Memphis (McDonald, Peek)

Contenders: Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, San Diego State, Washington and others.

Predictions: Kentucky (Bossi, McDonald), Arizona (Evans, Peek)

Contenders: Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina and others.

Predictions: Kansas (Bossi, Evans, McDonald), North Carolina (Peek)

Contenders: Top 10 of Duke, Georgetown, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Texas, Villanova and Washington.

Predictions: Michigan State (Bossi, Evans, Peek), Duke (McDonald)

Contenders: Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Pitt, St. John’s, Syracuse and others.

Predictions: UConn (Bossi, Evans, McDonald, Peek)

Contenders: Arizona, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, UCLA, Wake Forest and others.

Predictions: Kansas (Bossi, Evans, Peek), North Carolina (McDonald)

Contenders: Arizona, Arizona State, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Oregon, TCU, UCLA, USC, UNLV, Villanova and others.

Predictions: Villanova (Bossi), UCLA (McDonald), Arizona (Evans), Oregon (Peek)

Contenders: Arizona, Auburn, Clemson, Duke, Florida, Michigan State, Minnesota, NC State, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Virginia Tech and more.

Predictions: Duke (Bossi, Evans, Peek), Michigan State (McDonald)

Contenders: Final five of Duke, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky and Villanova.

Predictions: Duke (Bossi, McDonald), Villanova (Evans, Peek)

Contenders: Top seven of Duke, Florida, Harvard, Kentucky, St. John’s, Stanford and Villanova.

Predictions: Florida (Bossi, Evans, McDonald), Kentucky (Peek)

Contenders: Top eight of Alabama, Florida State, Indiana, Kansas, LSU, Memphis, TCU and Vanderbilt.

Predictions: Memphis (Bossi, Evans, McDonald), Alabama (Peek)

Contenders: Top 10 of Georgetown, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Purdue, Texas and UCLA.

Predictions: Indiana (Bossi, Evans, Peek), Michigan State (McDonald)

Contenders: Clemson, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, UCLA, Wake Forest and others.

Predictions: Indiana (Bossi, Evans, McDonald, Peek)