Youth on display at The Workout

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - As is custom, Sunday at "The Workout" in St. Pete featured a group of freshmen and sophomores. Similar to Saturday, the guards stood out from the crowd and a trio of high school teammates at Orlando (Fla.) Christian Prep led by class of 2014 combo guard Adonys Henriquez made the most of their afternoon.
Adonys Henriquez, SG/PG (2014)- Likely the top performer of the day, Henriquez is a skilled and fundamentally sound 6-foot-4 combo guard from Orlando Christian Prep. An astute passer of the basketball, he always finds open teammates and is a smooth mid-range scorer to boot.
Jonathan Joseph, SF (2014)- A teammate of Henriquez at OCP, the 6-foot-5 Joseph is a lean 6-foot-5 wing. Thanks to a great first step, he's an aggressive slasher/driver who loves to attack the baseline and try to dunk on defenders. He shows promise as a transition finisher and somebody who could be a high-level wing defender.

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Dmitri Thompson, SG (2014)- The last of the OCP trio, the 6-foot-4 sophomore is very athletic and will dunk on defenders if the slip. But, he also plays under control and is a legitimate three-point jump-shooting threat with a great frame to build on.
Chance McSpadden, PG/SG (2015)- The freshman lefty was a little shaky at times, but that's understandable given he's yet to play a high school game. At 6-foot-1 or so he's already got good size, a nice feel for reading pick-and-roll situations and he looks as if he should be a good shooter.
Eric Turner, SG (2015)- He's just a pup, but Turner certainly has the physical characteristics that coaches will look for with his 6-foot-4 size and smooth athleticism. He plays hard on both ends and has a well-rounded game for a young kid.
Andrew Fleming, SG/PG (2015)- A combo guard, the 6-foot-4 Fleming likes to use a high yo-yo dribble to set up defenders. He shoots with good range, can pass the ball and looks to be a guy capable of making plays for others from the wing.
Mitchell Wilbekin, PG (2014)- The younger brother of Florida sophomore Scottie Wilbekin, the 6-footer was not shy about getting his shot off at camp. He really likes to let it fly from three-point land and is for the most part an accurate shooter.
Jabari Hill, SG/SF (2014)- One of the more dominant wing scorers in camp, the 6-foot-5'ish wing is an aggressive kid with good traits. He handles the ball pretty proficiently, can get to the cup and is a dangerous jump shooter on top of being an excellent body control athlete.
Troy Baxter, SF/PF (2016)- One of a few eighth graders at the event, the 6-foot-6 combo forward has a very high skill level and is a fluid jump shooter. Obviously he's very young and maturity will have a lot to do with his development, but he's got the look of a prospect with tools.
Pape Dialta, C (2014)- On one hand, there just weren't very many big guys on the floor Sunday. On the other, the few that were out there didn't get a lot of touches. That's why it was easy to like the play of the 6-foot-7 sophomore. He competed for rebounds, showed pretty good hands and did the most he could with few touches offensively.
Evan Taylor, PG (2014)- A smart and alert floor general. The 6-footer sees the floor well, moves the ball on offense and is a pretty good pull-up jump shooter from between 12 and 17 feet.
Antwone Mothershed, SG/PG (2015)- Physically tough, the young combo guard was one of the weekend's (Saturday or Sunday) toughest competitors. He likes to attack the rim and had a few impressive lefty drives where he used his body and the rim to shield off defenders.
Jay Henderson, SG (2014)- The 6-foot-2 shooting guard was one of the day's purest scorers. An outstanding shooter with deep range, he can also put the ball on the floor and already has pretty good recognition for what is or isn't a bad shot.