Young Ralph Sampson: future star

Former Virginia great Ralph Sampson has been out of the spotlight for some time now, but his son Ralph Sampson, III, will soon be in the spotlight as a top 2008 prospect. Already 6-foot-10 and 200-pounds as a freshman, Sampson has the skills to play anywhere on the court according to his head coach Jack Doss of Butler High School in Huntsville, Ala. In fact, it is Doss' goal for Sampson to develop into the tallest point guard to play in the NBA.
"Right now he is just a puppy," said Coach Doss about his young superstar. "He just turned 15-years-old, and he has never lifted weights.
"He is the best 15-year-old I've ever seen. He is real fluid, handles the ball well, and has a nice jump hook.
"He could be a perimeter player as he gets older. Ralph has more potential than anyone I've ever seen as good a feel for the game as any 15 year old out there."
Sampson, has played in a total of four games for Butler High after transferring there after the Christmas break from Northview High School in Duluth, Ga. Over those four games, he is averaging 12 points and 10 rebounds per game.
Most colleges are either unaware of Sampson and his whereabouts, but that will soon change. A few colleges are already tracking him. Coach Doss noted that Alabama and Ole Miss have both been to Huntsville to watch him play. Georgia Tech is also aware of the younger Sampson, since he has been a regular at the Yellow Jackets' basketball camp.
As good as Ralph Sampson, III, is now, there is no telling how good he can become during the next three years with the potent combination of his physical gifts, and a strong work ethic.
"We are going to start a weight program for Ralph as soon as the season is over," said Doss. "He is a great kid and a straight A student. Everybody on his mother's side of the family is either a lawyer or doctor, and Ralph has picked up his mother's tremendous work ethic."