Wright on Vanderbilt visit and staying home

With three of his five visits under his belt, Brandan Wright had another positive experience during his visit last weekend at Vanderbilt. Wright, the No. 5 ranked prospect in the country talked with about his hometown visit and whether staying close to home is a high priority for him.
"It was a nice visit to Vanderbilt," said Wright, a 6-foot-9, 201-pound power forward. "I had a pretty good time and everything went well. Things went smoothly, and the visit was everything I expected."
Set to visit Louisville this weekend and then North Carolina for Midnight Madness, Wright has every intention to finish out his visitation circuit before making a decision.
"I'm just trying to get through this," he said. "Then I will check everything out and make a decision, but there is no leader right now."
Wright also said it was difficult to judge one visit as better than another.
"There is no major difference between any of the visits," he said. "The foundation for the visits is the same. You meet some people, go to some classes and check out the facilities and campus. It's all pretty much the same."
Vanderbilt faithful are hoping that staying in his hometown will be a major factor in Wright's decision making. Although Wright indicated that proximity to home was attractive, it is far from a top priority.
"Obviously, staying near home is a little important," he said. "It would be great for my family to be able to easily see me play. But it is not a priority. It's not like I'm afraid of getting homesick or something.
"I just want to find the right place for me where I fit in with the players and feel comfortable. The most important thing is that I play for a coach that will get me better. I'm really looking hard at the player development of each program."
As to Earl Clark's recent commitment to Louisville, Wright said it would have no impact on his decision making.
"No. that doesn't mean anything," he said. "I'm just going to play hard wherever I go, and try to work myself onto the court. Everyone has said they have a sot for me regardless."
Brandan Wright scouting report:
Full of NBA potential, Wright is a tremendous shot blocker and a very good rebounder. His wing span of 7-foot-1.5 allows him to play above his opponents, and rarely does he turn the ball over. His skinny frame can be out muscled, and he needs to learn to hold his ground defensively and not always set up for the block and learn to post up harder on offense. He has range out to 17-feet but needs to tighten up his mechanics and improve the consistency of his jumper.