Woodson pick coming

He's taken his visits and he's down to Baylor and N.C. State. Now, Dominic Woodson has to make a decision.
A senior at Huntington (W.V.) Prep who ranks No. 37 in the class of 2013, Woodson is on the verge of a decision. It could happen today, it could happen a week from now but it's coming.
The trick for the big bodied and skilled 6-foot-9 center is to decide which school is best for him.
"I think right now N.C. State is very hot and they've shown a lot of interest in him through me and his AAU coach and through the kid," said Huntington coach Rob Fulford. "I think they've done a really good job."
Of course, Scott Drew and the Bears have made their pitch as well.
"Baylor has done a really good job with him too," said Fulford. "They've been in constant contact with him and me and his people back home.
"Through his visits he's enjoyed both. N.C. State is hot and Baylor's close to him for him."
While extremely talented, Woodson has been a bit inconsistent and fought to keep his weight down at previous stops. It's something that he's continuing to work on.
"I think the fact that he's here will help with that," said Fulford. "He has no choice and he knows that. Right now he's not in our starting lineup and a lot of that is him.
"We've made sure he understands that we are going to win games whether he plays or not. But we also understand that we are better team with him playing and dominating in the paint."
Fulford can see his player turning the corner and feels that a big part of him making a choice for Woodson will be the school that most believes in him and that he fully buys into.
"The thing about him is that he gets it," said Fulford. "He'll listen to me and our assistant coaches are there to pick him up.
"Those schools have a good understanding of him and can help him. If he buys in, he'll be very good."