Withey to explore eight schools

Focused at the moment on finishing up his final exams, former Arizona recruit and four-star prospect Jeff Withey will consider eight schools over the break that he might transfer to.
"I'm pretty much just finishing up finals in this last week of school," said Withey, a 7-foot, 225-pound center from San Diego. "I've had a couple schools call me, but I haven't called any coaches back yet. In a week or so I'll get with my family and start the recruiting process over again."
Withey will look at many of the schools that recruited him the first go around. Gonzaga and Cincinnati, who have both tried to contact Withey since his release, are on his list along with Indiana, San Diego State, San Diego, Boston College, Texas and Kansas.
Although Withey would not indicate which school or schools he is leaning towards, most speculation has Kansas and Texas at the top of his list.
"I'm looking for a stable program," he said. "I don't want another head coach to leave while I'm there. I want to feel comfortable and feel at home wherever I go."
So do the smaller San Diego schools have a shot at the hometown star?
"If I go home over break and don't want to leave, I might go to school in San Diego," he said. "Being comfortable is the main thing for me. That is what was missing when Coach Olson left. My happiness really went down."
Withey, the No. 36 ranked prospect in the class of 2008, will have to make a quick decision since he intends to enroll at his next school after the holiday break.