Williams Picking Up Play

Oak Hill has had a couple of tough games this season. This has left an unusual taste in head coach Steve Smith's mouth. Usually, Oak Hill either defeats you or an opponent has to beat them at the buzzer.
Many college and high school fans caught one of the games this season when Oak Hill battled LeBron James and St. Vincent/St. Mary's. It was a game in which Oak Hill fell apart in the fourth quarter. Connecticut recruit Marcus Williams, a lead guard, did not have a good game. "I told Marcus that when he doesn't play well we don't," Smith said. "But when he is having a good game, we win. We need him to play well to win. He is a very capable guard who can score and distribute."
Smith said Williams has really picked up his play in recent weeks. "He will be second all time in assists for us if he continues his same pace," Smith said. "He can score when he is given the shot. He was our MVP at a tournament we won in Texas."
Smith said Williams is averaging 11 points and almost 10 assists a game. These are impressive stats since Oak Hill has three or four other scoring options on the floor. "He can hit the long shot," Smith said. "When he has the shot he usually hits it. He is going to be a fine college player because he can do so many things on the court."
Smith believes that Williams just needed some time adjusting to his new teammates and a different system. "He is a very smart player," Smith said. "Marcus does a nice job in running the team and gets everyone involved in the offense."