Williams finding role at Montverde

L.D. Williams left his life in East Bend, N.C., a quiet town west of Winston-Salem, for a chance to play at Montverde Academy, a school with students from 39 different nations in the shadows of Orlando, Florida. The move has helped in so many ways, he says, and high-major programs are keeping up with the high-flyer from the Tar Heel State.
The education process for Williams goes beyond the hardwood. A move 650 south was tough at first, he says, but over time, it's been a move that has helped the class of 2006 prospect grow in every aspect of his life.
"I've matured a lot most of all," Williams said. "On the court, I'm basically playing a college like schedule with all of the travel and the kind of teams we are playing. Off the court, I've spent like the past 15 to 20 days with guys from all over the world. We went to Hawaii, we bonded there, and we are getting to know more about each other.
"Then in school, I've got teachers that are like college professors. I have seven classes and they teach it like they are professors."
Williams, known for his superb athleticism, is a guy that will put people in seats and then out of them to applaud a big time dunk in traffic. That's his trademark. Still working to improve his jump shot, colleges see a player with a bright future.
Williams said his top schools include North Carolina, Wake Forest, Tennessee (offer), Xavier and Miami. The N.C. native said there is one school he'd like to hear from.
"I really like Maryland," Williams said. "I'd like to hear from them, too."
In the meantime, he'll stick with hoops and books at Montverde. Williams says he'll play with Boo Williams Summer League again this summer.