Wilkes Praises Kansas Visit

Omar Wilkes, a 6-4, 175-pound combo guard from Loyola High School in Los Angeles, California, told us tonight that his visit to Kansas went well.
"I really enjoyed myself," Wilkes said. "I was very impressed with the family atmosphere there. The players get along great there. I enjoyed hanging around the players."
Wilkes said he will not make a decision just yet. "I realized I had to maintain my head and couldn't make a decision based upon one visit," Wilkes said. "So I am going to save my other four visits for the Fall. I won't make a decision until after I take my other visits."
The candidates for the visits are UCLA, California, Stanford, Southern Cal, Florida, and Maryland. "I can always unofficially visit UCLA," Wilkes said. "I can take my other four visits to other schools. But I definitely plan on visiting UCLA."
Wilkes, who averaged 22 points and six rebounds this past season, told us he plans on working on his strength. "I want to add some more pounds," Wilkes said. "So I will probably get in the weight room more."
Wilkes plans on attending the ABCD camp and the Big Time tournament in Las Vegas. He will also attend the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions event on Memorial Day weekend in North Carolina.