Why Quincy Douby Deserves McDonalds Nod

The following is just an opinion and not necessary the opinion of any other voter on the McDonald's Selection committee:
Quincy Douby has quickly become one of the best players in the country. Douby has dramatically improved his consistency in his jumper and might be the best shooter in the class of 2002.
Should he be a McDonald's All American? Well, in one voter's opinion -- yes! Douby might not get the necessary votes to place on the team but he certainly deserves serious consideration.
Think of the fun the fans would have watching Douby hoist his long-range bombs. Folks, Douby has beyond NBA range three-point range.
Douby can bust people coming off screens and picks. And he is much better at breaking his man off the dribble and nailing his jumper.
The only problem for Quincy is many of the voters on the McDonald's selection committee won't have a chance to see the amazing improvement. So it's going to be a tough task to be selected.
It's only one man's opinion but Quincy Douby is the best offensive player in New York and now one of the best players in the country. People who post rankings should come and watch. Then change your rankings. He is one player worth the price of admission.
Douby, a lanky 6-3, 172 pound sharpshooter from Grady H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y., committed to Hofstra last Fall. The staff at Hofstra must be anxious in awaiting his arrival next Fall. He will make a great impact for that program and give them a chance to get to the NCAA tournament if the right players surround him.