Whats Villanuevas Next Move

The stories in the mainstream media rang out far and wide today. They finally caught up to's exclusive story last Friday on Charlie Villanueva's NBA status. Long Island Panthers' head coach Gary Charles told last Friday night that Villanueva has placed his name into the June 2003 NBA draft.
"Why not," Charles said. "He has until the middle of June to make a decision whether he will keep his name in the draft. If he doesn't want to, he can go to college. It's the logical step to take."
Charles also pointed out that not signing with Illinois was also logical. "We took some heat for that," Charles said. "But it was the right move."
Charles said Villanueva could still pull his name out of the draft. "If he doesn't go to the NBA," Charles said of the 6-foot-10, 220-pound forward/center prospect from Blair Academy in New Jersey. "He has some time before he decides. Charlie has two great options. But he has some time before he decides."
The next step for Villanueva is to find out where he might go in the NBA draft. Once the information is digested, Villanueva is likely to seek advice from his family and former coaches. So it's likely we will know Villanueva's final decision around the middle of June.