Whats Next For Martin Iti

Martin Iti is big. He stands about 6-11. He is a little raw but improving his skills game by game under head coach Mike Byrnes at The Winchendon School in Massachusetts.
The junior center from Australia saw his playing time decrease over the past couple of months because, according to the Green Waves' Byrnes, Iti has hit the proverbial "wall."
Byrnes said Iti had not been consistent enough. watched Iti play five times this season. Iti certainly has the skills to be an impact player a year or two down the line on the college level.
Even though he is just a junior, Iti's size and potential have drawn the scrutiny of big time Division I programs and NBA scouts.
It's likely that he will compete again this spring and summer with the Pump and Run team out of California. This will be a big summer for Iti. How he produces on the court this spring and summer will determine how high the level of interest will be in his skills.
Production is the key. Running up and down the court but not finishing plays will lead to college recruiters walking away. Iti has a year to prove himself. He has a chance. Iti has the skills and a nice touch. It's finding that level of intensity each time he steps on the court that will improve his chances to be a big time player.
Many of the big name schools are taking a look. Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Memphis, North Carolina, and Syracuse are some of the schools Byrnes has told us that have expressed interest.