Whats next for Deane

Prior to taking an unofficial visit to Utah last week, Daniel Deane, the 6-foot-8 power forward indicated that he might be ready to take a step forward in his recruitment once he returned from his visit. Now that Deane has returned from his trip, is he ready to take the next step, or will he need to take an additional visit in the fall before making a decision?
"My visit to Utah was just fine," said Deane. "I left on Thursday and just stayed for a couple of hours. The main objective of the trip was to spend a little time with the players at Utah. I played in a couple of pickup games and really enjoyed myself. The games were not really that competitive, but more just for fun.
"I was able to talk to all of the players during my two hour trip," he added. "I also talked with the coaching staff. I accomplished everything that I had hoped to during my visit to Utah.
Deane, the No. 118 player in the class of 2006, has already taken official visits to Stanford, Kansas and Gonzaga. Several weeks ago, he indicated that he might take a visit to UCLA in the fall before making a decision about his future.
However, now that Deane has returned from his visit to Utah, is he ready to make a decision, or does he need more time?
"My main focus right now is going to the NBA Players Camp next week," said Deane. "The visit to UCLA next fall is up in the air right now. I really don't know if that visit will take place or not. I will probably make a decision about that towards the end of the summer."