What will Lewis do next

After taking an official visit to Southern California in September and Miami-FL in October, Dwight Lewis, the 6-foot-5, 190-pound shooting guard/small forward from James Taylor High School in Katy, Texas, is going to sit down with his family and figure out what to do next. There is a chance that Lewis might be ready to make a decision about his future, or he might decide to take an additional visit or two.
"Dwight is doing just fine," said Dwight Lewis, Sr. "We recently took an official visit to Miami-FL and had a wonderful trip. Dwight thought the trip was extremely informative and fun. I can tell you that it is definitely an interesting place that I enjoyed visiting.
"Dwight and I got to see the campus during our time in Miami," he added. "My son also met and spent time with the team and also met the coaches. It was a great experience for my son to visit and meet the players and coaches from Miami-FL. "
Now that Lewis, the No. 132 ranked player in the class of 2006, has taken official visits to Southern California and Miami-FL, he plans to sit-down with his family later on in the week in order to discuss what happens next.
If Lewis is ready to make a decision about his future, he will do just that. However, if he still needs to take an additional visit or two, he is prepared to do just that.
"I really don't know what is going to happen next with my son," said Mr. Lewis. "We are going to sit down as a family later on in the week and decide what to do next. Schools like Illinois, Wake Forest and Baylor have expressed an interest in bringing Dwight on campus for an official visit. We just don't know if he is going to decide or take some extra visits."
Dwight Lewis Scouting Report: A very good scorer, Lewis specializes at getting into the midrange area with either hand and hitting the pull up jumper. Has good length for his position but needs to gain strength. -Jerry Meyer