What Does Johnson Do Now

The odds were pretty good that outstanding talent Alexander Johnson, a multi-skilled forward from Bridgton Academy in Maine, was going to land in Athens for his college basketball career. But since the uproar over academics at Georgia, the odds have diminished dramatically of Johnson staying home to play college basketball.
Johnson, who has the ability to hit a three-pointer and thump you with a dunk, is currently considering Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, and Connecticut. "His plan was to take some visits when he comes back from his break," said Bridgton coach Whit Lesure. "He will likely do that. He says he wants to take visits to schools he hasn't seen yet.
"Before I thought he might end up at Georgia and the would take a couple of trips to see a comparison. But now he's more serious about those trips and what the schools might be like for him."
Lesure said Johnson is doing very well in school. "He's had an excellent quarter again," Lesure said. "He's a real good kid who works hard. He's also a very special player.
"I always thought he would end up Georgia unless something strange has happened."
It has. Now Johnson is likely to eye the schools on his list with much more interest than ever before.