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What A Show By Raymond Felton J.J. Redick

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- It was a blast from the future today inside the beautiful Dean Dome. Duke versus North Carolina. Raymond Felton versus J.J. Redick. Last minute heroics. A boisterous crowd supporting both players.
Felton, headed to North Carolina in another season, lit up the Raleigh Heat for 45 points, including several key three-pointers and baskets late in the contest to lift the Beach Ball team to a victory.
The Beach Ball Select team had trailed by 20 plus points at one stage of this game. But then Felton took control over the final five minutes. His three-pointer tied the score at 88-88 with 2:20 left. His jumper put his team ahead. Later, Felton hit another three to push his team's lead to 93-88. But Redick, already committed to Duke, silenced the roars with his own long range three.
But the Raleigh Heat could not stop Felton, who scooted in and hit a twisting layup. Redick's two foul shots made the final 97-95.
Redick finished with 38 points and showed a great improvement in his overall offensive game (more on that later on this site).
But one thing you can conclude after watching this great battle at the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina Tournament of Champions game, North Carolina has got themselves one heck of a player. And Duke has themselves one of the best offensive players in the class of 2002.
Things look quite rosy in the Chapel Hill/Durham area. More great talent in on the way for both programs.