Westchester Upends Miami Christian

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- A review of the Westchester-Miami Christian battle last night at the City of Palms tournament:
Westchester 88 Miami Christian 55
After a long flight Monday night and a rare sluggish performance on Tuesday evening, highly regarded and highly rated Westchester got back on track with by blowing out Miami Christian.
The game, however, was marred by numerous fouls and rough play, with the refs
struggling to keep the game under control. But this game was blowout from the opening tap.
Once again Westchester's balance was evident. Senior Keith Everage led with 17 points, Hassan Adams (Arizona) had 14, Brandon Heath scored 15 and Trevor Ariza playing limited minutes due to a sore foot had five points and 12 boards.
Freshman Marcus Johnson again showed some exciting flashes. He finished the game with seven points.