Welsh high on SEC school

Stefan Welsh, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound guard from Newport News, Va., ended his summer on a high note at the AAU Super Showcase and Nationals. That is where he knew what school wanted him the most, too. The three-star prospect is high on one SEC program and a couple of other schools are trying to get him to their campuses on official visits.
Welsh, who averaged nearly 25 points a contest at the AAU Super Showcase at the end of July, said he saw the University of Arkansas the most at his games. The shooting guard said that is just status quo for the SEC program.
"They've been on me the whole time," Welsh said. "They came out to see me during the high school season and I didn't have a great game but they didn't back off. They believe in me. (Assistant) coach (Ronnie) Thompson is real cool. I like them a lot."
Welsh said Virginia and Tennessee were two of the other schools he'd like to go out and see. Both programs have offered scholarships. Welsh said there were other schools that were inquiring but the trio of schools have been the most active. He officially visited Xavier earlier in the year but said the Musketeers have backed off over the summer.
"We're in the process of setting up some official visits but I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my family before I leave," Welsh said. "I'll go on the visits once I get to Hargrave."
Welsh leaves for Hargrave Military Academy on Aug. 22. The school is just three and a half hours away from home.
Kevin Keatts may have the best team in the country this year. With guys like Welsh, Armon Bassett, Tyler Smith, Vernon Macklin, Marressee Speights, Jonathan Mandeldove and Steven Kendall on board, some college programs will have a hard time competing with that roster.