Waters Measures Up Against Best

Walter Waters is not going to make a great living playing at any camp. Waters, a 6-9, 265-pounder, needs to have guards that are willing to feed him the ball in the low post for him to be effective. But the ABCD camp was a good measuring device for Walter to see how he stacks up against the big man competition.
Waters averaged almost seven points and five rebounds in about half of playing time. The players usually divided up the playing time between two sets of five players and Waters situation was no different than most.
Waters shot 50 percent from the floor and didn't attempt a three-pointer. So mainly Walter Waters was one of the few big men who kept his large frame inside, where it should be. Waters though is much more than a wide body that takes up space. Waters, a lefty, uses his wide frame to shield his defender in the low post very effectively. It's easy to get an entry pass into Waters. But in a camp like ABCD, he didn't get as many as he normally would playing for his AAU or high school team.
Waters does have some skills in scoring close in. He has enough skills to be a threat and his is big enough where he will overpower some defenders too.
Waters, who has given a commitment to Pittsburgh, competes at Southeastern High School in Detroit, Michigan. He will end up being a very good college basketball player. The ABCD camp gave him a good chance to measure his ability against the other talented big bodies. Waters did a nice job in defending and scoring when he had the opportunity.