Wallace Has Five At Top Of List

Brandon Wallace, a 6-9, 200-pound forward from Silver Bluff High School in South Carolina, is one of the better wing/power forward combo prospects in the 2003 class. He is lean for sure but has the agility to slice around bodies along the baseline for driving baskets.
Wallace also has a nice touch from the outside. He handles the ball with some skill in transition and when under pressure. He certainly has some nice upside to his game once he establishes more strength in his upper body.
"I am pretty much open," Wallace said. "But I am interested in South Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Connecticut."
While Wallace was playing yesterday at the Super Showcase, he was evaluated by Virginia and Notre Dame. "I have a 950 on my SAT," Wallace said. "I like to get it higher too."
So you may see schools like Virginia and Notre Dame jump in on this race, especially with the lack of many qualified wings available in the 2003 class. "I want to get stronger," Wallace said. "I want to also improve my ball handling."
Wallace said the only school in his five not to offer is Connecticut. But assistant coach Tom Moore was spotted watching Wallace yesterday afternoon with the other schools too. So it appears the Big East school is still interested in Wallace, as of now.