Wall planning more visits

Kansas made a big impression on John Wall when the No. 1 ranked prospect in the Rivals150 visited in September. According to Wall four other schools will have their opportunity to impress as well before he makes a decision.
"By the end of this week I'll decide whether I'll visit Memphis on the 17th or go there on a different weekend," said Wall, a 6-foot-4, 184-pound point guard from Raleigh (N.C.) Word of God Christian Academy. "I also still want to visit Oregon and Baylor. And NC State is still in the picture, but I won't use an official visit since I'm right here."
Wall admitted there is pressure on him to make a quick decision, but that it is unlikely that will happen.
"Some schools are pressuring me to commit early, but I think I'll take all of these visits," he said. "I'd like to get them over with by mid-November, and make a decision then. Or, if I'm not sure, I'll wait till later to choose a school."
So it is definitely a two part question for Wall: When will he sign and with whom? The toughest question to answer will be with whom.
"The toughest question is definitely choosing what school I'll go to," he said. "The college you choose is your last big choice you make before going into the real world. You have to make sure you know where you want to go and not just go where someone else wants you to go. You have to go where you are comfortable.
"The main thing for me will be my relationship with the coach. Having a strong relationship with him is very important. Its also important to go somewhere where the players respect you for who you are and aren't going to hate on you for what you do and feel like you're taking something away from them. The team has to be like a family."
Baylor, who hired Wall's travel team coach Dwon Clifton, was once thought to be the team to beat for Wall. After his Kansas visit and the tug to stay close to his ailing mother, Wall certainly isn't a lock to follow Clifton.
"To me I don't think there is any pressure on me to have to go to Baylor," Wall said. "I know lots of people think there is, but Dwon told me before he took the job to do what was best for me. Of course he'd like for me to come to Baylor, but he said he would support me no matter what school I choose."
As it stands now the one big question for Wall is where does he want to go to school.
John Wall scouting report:
Blazingly fast with the basketball, Wall is an impeccable ball handler with court savvy. The right hander has a penchant for beating defenders with his left hand and can then counter with a terrific left to right behind the back dribble. Finding teammates on the move is his forte, but he is also an excellent finisher at the rim. His jumper is still a work in progress, but it is good enough to keep the defense honest.