Villanueva: Going Away Was Attractive

For a player who seemed to enjoy all of his visits whether it was close to home -- Villanova and Seton Hall -- or away -- Illinois and Indiana, Charlie Villanueva of Blair Academy in New Jersey made it known this afternoon that his reason for picking Illinois was to try college basketball away from home.
Villanueva, a New York City native, said all of his visits were exceptional but he felt attracted to the big time college atmosphere at Illinois. "My parents thought it would be good to go away from home," Charlie said at a 12 PM ET press conference held at Blair. "I thought so too."
Villanueva also stated that Illinois is a great program in a great conference. Villanueva also considered Indiana, Seton Hall, and Villanova. Villanueva, who dropped in 22 points in last Sunday's All Star event held at Hofstra, has qualified academically.
When asked Villanueva if he was going to sign a letter of intent this Fall, head coach Joe Mantegna stepped in and answered the question. "It hasn't been decided," he said.