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Villanova vs. Michigan: Top prospects make predictions

Villanova and Michigan meet Monday night in San Antonio for the NCAA title. Instead of us giving our own predictions, we asked some of those from the high school ranks, a few that will likely be playing in this same contest one day, who will come out victorious.

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Omari Spellman
Omari Spellman (AP Images)

“I mean, they are just too good. They just annihilated a one seed (Kansas).” Hunter Dickinson, 2020 center

“They are battle tested and they shoot the ball really well which allows them to space the floor and spread the defense out. Also, I don’t think Michigan can make free throws down the stretch, which will hurt them.” Jabri Abdur-Rahim, 2020 wing

“Their great versatility on the offensive end and how fundamentally sound they play on the offensive end; it is hard to stop those guys.” Kyle Sturdivant, 2019 guard

“Villanova wins for various reasons. They shoot the ball at a high level, all five players on the court can shoot the ball well and also defend very well. They’re athletic and long defensively, they make every position hard for the offense to score the ball, and when things get out of control, Jalen Brunson controls the game each possession.” Seth Lundy, 2019 wing

“They are shooting the ball at a very high clip and are dominant offensively. I am not even sure who I want to win but by the past games that I have seen, I think Villanova has this one.” Jaiden DeLaire, 2019 wing

“Villanova is a very good defensive team and has a great, true, pro point guard in Jalen Brunson that runs the show. With Omari Spellman banging down low work and working his way around everyone, I don’t think there’s a team stopping them. With how the team played on Saturday hitting most of their 3-point shots and the confidence levels they are playing with, the team is looking to give the world notice on how dominant they are.” Terrence Clarke, 2021 wing

“Their versatility at every aspect of the game is great. I think Michigan is going to make it competitive though so it should be a good game.” Casey Morsell, 2019 guard

“Villanova because of their spacing, unselfishness, the ability to shoot the ball and the way all five are locked in on defense. One more reason is they all hold each other accountable during the entire game.” Trevor Keels, 2021 wing

“I have to go with Villanova. They’re so unselfish and they’ve been there before. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win and get their second national championship within the past three years.” Cade Cunningham, 2020 wing

“I am going with Villanova because of the way they move the ball and play together as a team on offense and defense; they have so many great shooters.” Jaden Springer, 2020 guard

“I have Villanova winning it all because they play hard and play together even harder!” DJ Steward, 2020 guard

“Villanova because Jalen Brunson is playing at a very high level and they play together, smart and have experience.”Justin Moore, 2019 guard

“I had Villanova winning since the beginning of the tournament. They have great guard play and defense; plus, Mikal Bridges is a problem.” Harlond Beverly, 2019 guard



“I had them in the Final Four and they are playing well right now, and I feel like coach (John) Beilein has something up his sleeve.” DJ Carton, 2019 guard

“I still think Michigan pulls it out with their defense and ability to win in a low- or high-scoring (game).” Ethan Morton, 2020 guard


“I think it is going to be a great game. They’re very similar in terms of style. I feel whoever makes the most 3s, wins. Both are great teams who have proved they’re some of the best all year. It should be a great game.” Joseph Girard III, 2019 guard

“I honestly don’t know. This tournament has been crazy so I really couldn’t tell you the outcome. Both of the teams are very well coached though so it should be a very enjoyable game to watch.” Josh Green, 2019 guard