Vaughn to trim list in July

Julian Vaughn is going through a physical transformation. After breaking his foot over two months ago, the 6-foot-10 big man from South Lakes High School in Reston, Va., has added some bulk to his body and using more now in his game.
Vaughn, the No. 19 ranked player in the class of 2007, made his AAU debut two weeks ago at the Wallace Prather Memorial Classic. While there, the five-star forward used his new size to his advantage in the post.
"When I broke my foot it was impossible to run on it so I was lifting and shooting and trying to figure out how I can get better," Vaughn said. "All I did was lift for eight straight weeks. I didn't miss a day. My weight lifting regime really helped me because I feel like I'm playing bigger and stronger. I'm trying to use my body more."
Vaughn once called himself a Euro big man, focusing his offense from the perimeter and attacking in.
"I try to keep them honest. I don't want to be one dimensional so I'll go out to the perimeter but now I'm starting from the inside and then going outside. Last year I pretty much just stayed on the wing. I figured out that it is a lot easier to score inside in the post than trying to hit jump shots all day."
Missing the entire spring evaluation period, Vaughn said he isn't worried about not playing in front of coaches.
"I would have cared last year because people still didn't really know who I was but all of the coaches that I talked to told me not to worry about it and that they would see me in July. I was okay with that," Vaughn said.
Vaughn would have certainly drawn a crowd because his list is long and it extends into nearly all of the power conferences. North Carolina, Florida State, Ohio State, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Illinois, Virginia and Duke are on Vaughn's short list he said and that list will shrink before the busy travel period in the summer.
"The plan is to put the names out sometime in July," Vaughn said.
"I don't want to rush anything because you never know if that coach will still be there," Vaughn said, citing why he is no longer considering NC State.
"For me, it's the pros and cons," Vaughn said. "And it will be a matter of what cons can I live with at whatever school I go to."
Vaughn's next stop is the Tournament of Champions this weekend in North Carolina. Following the TOC, Vaughn will play in the USA camp in San Antonio with AAU teammates Michael Beasley, Austin Freeman and Nolan Smith.