Vanderbilt Lands Commitment

Rivals.com has learned that DeMarre Carroll, a 6-foot-5, 195-pound small forward from John Carroll high school in Birmingham, AL., has given a verbal commitment to Kevin Stallings and the Vanderbilt Commodores. UAB and N.C. State were two schools in particular showing a great deal of interest in Carroll, but when the time came for him to make a decision, Vanderbilt was the best fit.
Carroll might not be a name that many people recognize, but the 6-foot-5 small forward is a real player in the class of 2004. With Carroll and Ron Steele running the show, John Carroll High School has been a dominating force in the state of Alabama.
Rivals.com got a good look at Carroll during a high school basketball game at the beginning of the year and was quite impressed with his abilities.

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He has showed nice improvement from last year. Carroll is an athletic player with impressive small forward skills. He can knock down the open jumper and put the ball on the floor and go strong to the basket. Carroll also has a solid handle and several times brought the ball down the floor for the Cavaliers.
Carroll will need to get bigger and stronger but will have looks from some high majors. UAB head coach, Mike Anderson, is his uncle and the Blazers will be involved in his recruitment. Carroll is a borderline top 100-150 prospect with a big upside that could see his stock rise.