Uncertain times for Beasley

Is he committed, or is he not committed? And if he is committed, to which school, Charlotte or Kansas State? will have a chance to ask Michael Beasley these questions at the Real Deal on the Hill event in Fayetteville, Ark., this weekend. His AAU coach Curtis Malone of the DC Assault, however, addressed these questions recently.
"Kansas State is going to have to recruit him first," said Malone. "They are not going to get him just because Delonte (Hill) is there."
So if Bealsey, a 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward from Oak Hill Academy, is open to being recruited by his former AAU coach and now Kansas State assistant Delonte Hill, he must not be committed to Charlotte anymore, where Hill used to be on the staff.
Makes sense, but that is not necessarily the case according to Coach Malone.
"Michael is still committed to Charlotte," he said. "That commitment is still intact."
That might be the case for now, but it doesn't sound like that commitment will still be intact at the end of the summer.
"It is possible that more than Kansas State will be able to recruit Michael," continued Malone. "He is going to formulate a small list of schools after the summer."
Look for more on Beasley's situation from's coverage of The Real Deal on the Hill this weekend.
Michael Beasley scouting report:
Beasley is surprisingly mobile for a young player his size. Not only is he athletic, but the left hander can take people off the dribble, pass the ball well, and shoot the three. He has the offensive skills of a small forward with a strong inside/outside game. Lateral quickness needs to improve to guard slashing players on the perimeter.