UK Out Of Race For Johnson

Bridgton Academy head coach Whit Lesure told that his star player, Alexander Johnson, will NOT be taking a visit to Kentucky. "Kentucky has called me," Lesure said. "They told me the SEC office told them not to recruit AJ. While it's not shocking news, it's essentially ridiculous."
Lesure also told us: "AJ liked the trip to Florida State," Lesure said. "But he hasn't made a decision."
Johnson, a multi-skilled forward from the state of Georgia, is one of the few impact players left in the class of 2003.
Johnson has also taken an official visit to Indiana. Johnson has said he had a good trip there too. Cincinnati was also mentioned as being of interest. "He's going to visit Cincinnati now this weekend," Lesure said.
Johnson is in demand because he has multi offensive skills. He can extend his game beyond the three-point line and also has the power and size to play tough inside.
Despite speculation swirling around Johnson, he has qualified academically and is eligible to play next season on the college level, according to Lesure.