Two Sport Athlete Favors Four

Two sport athlete Cornelius Ingram from Hawthorne High School (Fla.) now lists four favorites in Syracuse, North Carolina, Florida, and Florida State. Tennessee and Georgia are still in the picture, but behind the top four. The surprise school in the list is Syracuse.
“They [Syracuse] were always in the race,” Ingram explained. “But they slid in quick when Georgia Tech got off.”
Ingram, a gifted athlete at 6-foot-5, 215-pounds, plays small forward and quarterback. Currently, he is ranked No. 114 in the Rivals150 and No. 59 in the Rivals100 for football.
Ingram is set on playing both sports in college and is taking a unique approach to his recruitment.
“All four of my top schools have great basketball programs,” he said. “I can’t go wrong as far as basketball. So I am looking at the quarterback situation and how it would work for me.”
There is a chance that at some point in college Ingram will choose one sport to concentrate on to maximize his potential.
“It would be scary if I focus on one,”he said. “I don’t know how much better I could get.”
Here is what Ingram had to say about his top four schools:
“I talk to the Syracuse coaches a lot. The quarterback situation is perfect. I would have a chance to come in and start right away.”
“I like the quarterback situation at North Carolina, and I have always liked North Carolina. I know it can be done there because of Ronald Curry.”
“All those great quarterbacks at Florida would make me play harder to compete, and it is only fifteen miles from my home. It would be easy for my family to see me play.”
“I grew up a Florida State fan. The Drew Weatherford commitment didn’t bother me. I want to compete and think the best man should win. Also, playing both has been done by Charlie Ward.”
Hawthorne has spent plenty of time on the campuses of the two Florida schools and plans to officially visit Syracuse and North Carolina. No dates have been set at this point for those visits.