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Two Offers For Crittenton

On the night of the NBA Draft, Javaris Crittenton was one of the few members of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy not at Madison Square Garden to support their proud son, Dwight Howard. Crittenton, a rising junior guard, watched one of his best friends shake David Stern’s hand after being taken first overall in the draft. Shortly after, Crittenton went to work at the Atlanta Basketball Classic.
“I talked to him right before he was drafted. I knew where he was going before they said it,” Crittenton said. “I’m really happy for him and his family. God blessed them tremendously.”
With Howard now out of the paint for Southwest Atlanta Christian, the offensive load has shifted to Crittenton’s shoulders. He knows it is his time to step up.
“Right now, I’m working on every aspect of my game,” Crittenton said. “People see me scoring more on the AAU circuit but it’s because we need it. I’m trying to work on my time management and just studying my tendencies.”
After meeting T.J. Ford at the 2003 Naismith awards banquet, Crittenton said he took the former Texas point guard’s advice and watches game tape of himself and some of the greatest NBA point guards everyday.
Crittenton was one of the top players at his Celtics sponsored Atlanta Basketball Classic. The No. 55 ranked player in the class of 2006 scored at will with courageous dribble drives in traffic. He consistently scored over 20 points a contest.
He’s improving his decision making and proving he can shoot from deep. That was the story last week at the NBA Players Association camp, too. High major programs have been taking notice as well.
“I get a lot of mail but right now, I just want to chill until next year,” Crittenton said. “I like Georgia Tech and Tennessee right now. They have both been recruiting me hard.”
His next stop will be close to home at the adidas Superstar camp in Suwannee, Georgia.