Two more visits for Harvey

After taking official visits to Southern California and Rutgers during the fall period, Eugene Harvey is planning to take two more official visits in the spring before selecting the school of choice. Harvey, the three-star prospect, will take his final two visits once his basketball season is complete.
"Florida, Illinois and pretty much all the other schools recruiting me are the schools that I am interested in," said Harvey. "I have already officially been to USC and Rutgers for visits. I plan to visit Florida and Illinois before I make a decision.
"My parents and I have been talking about my final two visits and when they are going to happen," he added. "After I take my final visits to Florida and Illinois, I will be ready to make a decision."
Harvey, the 6-foot-0, 165-pound point guard from St. Benedict's Prep School is not looking to make a decision in the near future. With St. Benedict's Prep off to a 3-0 start, there is no doubt that Harvey is completely focused on the season and, more importantly, making sure that it is a successful and memorable one.
"I don't plant to make a decision or take any visits until the season is over," said Harvey. "I am not going to do anything with my recruitment during the season. The season is going really great right now and we have a record of 3-0.
"I scored 23-points and had five assists during the second game of the year," he added. "I had 15-points and eight assists in the last game. We are playing great as a team and I am also having a good year. I don't want to do anything during the season, so I will make a final decision once we are done playing."
Eugene Harvey Scouting Report: Harvey is a pass first point guard who is more of a driver than shooter at this point. He is also a good athlete who can defend the ball. -Jerry Meyer