Two more visits for Anderson

James Anderson, the 6-foot-5, 190-pound small forward from Junction City (AR) High School just returned home from his official visit to Kansas. There was a time when the No. 34 ranked player in the class was planning to take four official visits before selecting a school? Is that still the case?
"My visit to Kansas was great," said Anderson. "I arrived in town on Friday and just got home a little bit ago. We ate dinner at Coach Bill Self's house, hung out with the players, toured the town and campus, got a look at the academics and met an academic counselor. Everything about the visit was just awesome and I had a great time."
During his time in Lawrence, Anderson was able to spend a great deal of time with the players and members of the coaching staff. Anderson told he had a great time with his weekend host, and loved playing in several pickup games.
"Oh, I also played in some pickup games with the guys. That was a real great experience for me," said Anderson. "Julian Wright was my host and we had an awesome time. He talked to me about what it means to play at Kansas and what the coaching staff is like.
"Julian told me that the coaching staff pushes all of the players to be their very best, which I liked to hear," he added. "I also talked to the entire coaching staff, and they made it clear they want me."
James, the No. 10 ranked small forward in the class, took his first official visit of the year to Arkansas back on September 9. The four-star small forward is scheduled to take official visits to Florida and Oklahoma State before making a final decision about his future.
Now that Anderson has two official visits under his belt, is he ready to make a decision about his future? If not, how many visits will take place before he picks a school?
"I am going to take my final two visits to Florida and Oklahoma State," said Anderson. "I had a great trip to Kansas, but I think that its for the best for me to take all of my scheduled visits before I select my school.
"I hope to take all of my visits and then pick a school in November," he added. "That's the plan right now. I am going to Florida next weekend and Oklahoma State after that. Once I finish up my final two visits, I will sit-down with my family and decide."
James Anderson Scouting Report: "A bouncy and wiry wing player, Anderson impacts the game in a number of ways. He is outstanding filling the lanes in transition and is a great offensive rebounder. As a multiposition defender, he has a knack for coming up with big steals. Fairly skilled with the ball as a shooter, handler and passer, Anderson just needs to continue refining those skills. Added strength will help him finish the difficult shots he is capable of creating."