Basketball Recruiting - Twitter Tuesday: Fallout from Oklahoma State sanctions
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Twitter Tuesday: Fallout from Oklahoma State sanctions

The recruiting world was impacted by the NCAA sanctions levied against Oklahoma State last week, which could lead to a domino effect. That is a hot topic of today's #TwitterTuesday, along with the ongoing recruitment of Jett Howard, the coaching carousel and social media’s effect on prospects.


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Mike Boynton
Mike Boynton (AP Images)

As in what comes next with the appeal process and all of those affiliated with the Oklahoma State program? We know by now that OSU will not be allowed to participate in the postseason next season and because of it, we could see an exodus of talent from it, including a few of its top-five 2020 recruiting class deciding not to enroll.

The appeal process could take some time to play out and before it does, transfer or decommitments could quickly ensue. Mike Boynton is going to do all that he can to keep his roster intact, but rest assured, tampering has already commenced and you’re going to see at least a few leave the program in the coming weeks.

Sure, the Pokes were not great last season, finishing seventh in the Big 12 (18-14, 7-11), but they do return a bevy of talent including the Boone brothers, Isaac Likekele and Yor Anei. Any of the four would make for a splashy late-year transfer win and it would appear that they would be allowed to play immediately. The next question is the state of Cade Cunningham.

The five-star picked OSU over Kentucky in the fall and if he does decide to decommit, it wouldn’t be a shock to see UK among his early suitors. However, his options don’t just end with college; the G League made a late run at him. He would also take a hard look at playing professionally overseas, especially in Australia. There is even a thought that he could sit out the year and train with his family in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Either way, the chances that we see an Oklahoma State squad next season that could compete for a top-half finish in the Big 12 is rather slim. There will be an exodus of players; now it is about how many will leave and if so, which of the group decides to jump ship.



Sticking with the ongoing Oklahoma State situation, and for my own personal feelings, I was more than surprised that the Pokes received such penalties. To say that they were shocked and in disbelief when they heard the list of penalties would be an understatement.

We have seen many others who have done far more unscrupulous things get hit with far less than Oklahoma State. Not only did the NCAA give the Pokes a one-year postseason ban, but then to also stack on three consecutive years of three lost scholarships, a monetary fine, and a three-year probation?

The way Boynton has responded to such harsh penalties is beyond professional. I applaud him for that, especially at a time when he should be preparing for a season that could have significantly advanced his own career. Now the question begins … is there consistency with such rulings and if so, how harsh might the penalties be for future rulings in the coming months?



Jett Howard, the younger son of Michigan head coach Juwan Howard, is a nationally regarded prospect in the 2022 class. Could he join his brother, Jace, in Ann Arbor in two years, or go elsewhere? Much could change between then and now, but I would be surprised if he didn’t choose the Wolverines.

Now, I don’t expect for that decision to come anytime soon. Just like Jace who prolonged his recruitment through his senior year, I could see Jett at least waiting things out to see who would actually enter the picture.

You only have a chance to be recruited in high school once, and plenty of offers should ensue. Am I saying that Howard will not play for his father? No, but I also believe that he wants to hear what others have to say before he ends his recruitment before it could even begin.



Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, just one major coaching change took place in this offseason – Wake Forest. The coronavirus situation has changed the hot seat for coaches. They are being furloughed for weeks at a time, sports have been cut and athletic department budgets have been diminished. Does that correlate with a more patient athletic director when it comes to canning a head coach? I would bet it does.

I am sure once the fall approaches, you’re going to see hot seat talk pick back up, especially regarding the jobs at Boston College, Clemson, Minnesota and Texas, among others.


Good question. This is actually a legitimate factor in a prospect selecting a school, believe it or not. Have I heard of a prospect choosing a school based primarily off a respective fan base’s social media following? No, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it had helped or detracted from someone committing to a school.

At the end of the day, we are all people and we are going to be attracted to whomever is showering us with the most love. Now, imagine placing yourself in the shoes of a 17-year-old that is constantly being hammered left and right about how great a specific school is and hearing from that respective fan base 10 times more than a fellow suitor in the race. It might not be the primary determining factor for his commitment, but it could push things over the top.

Fan support is consistently a top bullet point on any prospect’s wish list for a college. Whether a social media presence is an accurate factor for a prospect committing somewhere varies, but it sure does not hurt the cause.