Top 5 Junior Visiting ACC Schools This Weekend

Richard Hendrix, a top five 2005 prospect, is like a sponge. The 6-foot-7, 250 pound forward is soaking in all the information he can regarding the schools he is considering. That’s why he will tour the Raleigh-Durham triangle this weekend in order to get a better feel for the Duke, NC State and UNC. We caught up with his dad and head coach Venard Hendrix and discussed their trip to North Carolina.
“We are just taking a fun, pleasure trip,” Mr. Hendrix said. “We want to get him to as many places as possible. We’ll take all of it in and talk to the coaches and see what they’re all about.”
Father and son will first stop by Duke on Saturday morning and have a meeting with the coaches. They’ll tour the campus and take in the facilities. After that, they’ll head over to UNC and then to NC State.
This trip will likely be the last time Hendrix can get out on the road and visit schools. His Athens HS team starts their season next week.
“Our season starts next Tuesday so we wanted to get up there and see what they have to offer. It’s hard for us to visit so that is why we are doing this now,” Mr. Hendrix said.
Indiana, Tennessee, Florida State, Alabama and Auburn have all welcomed the 6-foot-7 forward on unofficial visits. Many believe that ‘Bama, Duke and UNC are the three favorites. But Mr. Hendrix said his son is still trying to get a feel for each program.
“He hasn’t narrowed down his list and probably won’t until the middle or end of the season,” Mr. Hendrix said. “He’s open but he’s going to be informed of every school before he makes a decision.”