Thornton catching on in GA

There wasn't a better player than Marcus Thornton of Atlanta (Ga.) Westlake at last weekend's Georgia Hoops Fall Showcase. The 6-foot-7, 215-pound junior attacked the rim time and time again and his play had everyone talking.
The Rivals150 prospect was a menace at the camp. He was one of the toughest players to defend because of his overall aggressiveness and toughness inside the paint as well as his versatility as a player that could face the basket.
Thornton said he was happy with how he played but still thinks he could have proven himself even more.

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"I thought did pretty well but I know I could have done much better at the same time," a humble Thornton said. "I felt like I got the rim really well and I played above the rim. There were certain games where I played well outside of the paint. Other games, I rebounded well. I think as a whole I could have done better though."
Aggressive and athletic inside, Thornton said he is trying to fine tune his face up skills and eventually make the move to the wing full time.
"I am actually transitioning from the power forward to the wing," Thornton said. "When I get to college, I'm going to mostly be playing out on the wing so I'm trying to get ready for that. I'm working on my perimeter skills to make that transition.
"I think sometimes people over look [my skill on the wing]. I think they sometimes miss what I can be outside the paint and on the perimeter. I'm pretty confident in myself out there. I feel that I can do that against anybody, little or big."
Since his showing at the showcase, Thornton has been a hot player in the Atlanta area over the last week since the evaluation period is back open. Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Auburn, just to name a few, have been in to see him play.
"It is real exciting to see these coaches that you see on t.v. come to your school. It is pretty exciting," Thornton said.
With offers from Clemson and Maryland and interest from Xavier, Georgia, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Ole Miss, Virginia and Dayton, Thornton said he is taking his recruitment all in stride.
Thornton visited Clemson over the weekend unofficially. He said he hopes to visit Wake Forest the last weekend of the month. A trip to Maryland is also in the plans, he said. Thornton visited Virginia Tech over the summer.
He is making a mental checklist of the things he hopes to find in a college, too, he says.
"I've looked at different areas, academically and athletically. The style of play and stuff like that will come into play, too," Thornton said. "I don't really want to get that far away because I want my family to come out and see me. I can go far away if I feel like I want to. It doesn't matter that much to me."