The scoop on Antonio Jardine

6-foot-2 junior guard Antonio Jardine from Neumann-Gorretti HS in Philadelphia, PA, or "Scoop" as he is affectionately known as in eastern hoops circles, is beginning to pare down his list and prepare for some college visits. spoke with Jardine this week for an update.
Although Neumann-Gorretti won the Philadelphia Catholic League title last year, many observers felt that Antonio "Scoop" Jardine had a somewhat lackluster sophomore season, not quite living up to the hype that he'd built up in the summer and fall of 2004. So this spring and summer he came out on the camp and AAU circuit looking for a bit of redemption.
He found it, and then some.
Jardine, the nation's #34 ranked prospect in the Class of 2007, stepped up his game and re-discovered the quickness and shooting touch that had made him such a coveted prospect among eastern guards.
Now Jardine is looking at scholarship offers from Villanova, Syracuse, NC State, Wake Forest, and Virginia. Those schools, along with North Carolina (no offer) comprise his current top six schools, with schools like Rutgers (offer) and Arizona (no offer) also being considered.
Jardine has already taken campus visits to Rutgers and Villanova, and has a visit planned for Syracuse on August 27th.
"I had a great visit to Rutgers earlier this month," Jardine said. "The campus was quiet, and I like that. I also am tight with coach (Fred) Hill from when he was at Villanova. I visited Villanova at the beginning of the summer. It's also a great campus and I like coach Wright a lot."
Jardine plans to take some official visits in the fall after he takes the SAT.
"I'll probably visit some ACC schools, and maybe Arizona," Jardine said. "I like Arizona a lot, but they haven't really been recruiting me."
This summer, Jardine travelled with the Hunting Park Warriors, as well as attending the Nike All-America Camp and Eastern Invitational Session V, where he was the All Star Game MVP.
At Eastern Invitational, he had a bit of a scare when his entire body locked-up from cramps and he was rushed to the emergency room. After an I.V. and a night in the hospital Jardine was back on the floor playing, but it was an eye-opener for him and a reminder to all of the dangers of pushing one's body past its limits in the summer heat.
Jardine is playing this weekend in Philadelphia at the Sonny Hill Future Stars Tournament for the Ballhawks, a team made up of Neumann-Gorretti players. will have coverage of this event on Saturday and Sunday.
This season will be a huge one for Neumann-Gorretti with a lofty national ranking, new sneaker deal, and possibly one or two premier matchups on national television.