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The Raymond Felton Rumors Will Never Die Until ...

Sometimes it's hard to let go of a local hero. And Raymond Felton is such that for the state of South Carolina. Felton, perhaps the best point guard in the country, is a rising senior from Latta High School in the great state of South Carolina. But Felton has decided to head up north and play for the Tar Heels of North Carolina.
And predictably, some reporters have held on to the belief that Felton may change his mind and decide to play for head coach Dave Odom and the South Carolina program.
Get used to the rumors. There will be plenty of reports coming from the state of South Carolina that Felton is changing his mind or wavering on his decision.
The truth test for any reporter though is whether there is actual evidence in supporting such a theory. As of today, there is absolutely none. However, it makes for good copy and keeps websites burning at wonderful page views -- though in today's new economical circles, page views mean zippo.
What I find interesting is everytime Felton goes on the campus of South Carolina, it's being reported as an unofficial visit. Spare me. Felton works out and plays pickup games on the campus.
If one would count an unofficial visit everytime a local player plays pickup ball on a nearby campus, this website would be filled with even more stories every day.
I caution those who read this material and then conclude that Felton is re-thinking his process. I had the opportunity to meet and observe Felton and his family. They are people of honor who will uphold their word.
The Felton rumors are here to stay because some want to keep them alive. Whatever their reasons are for them to answer. But Felton has been clear with his thoughts -- he is committed to North Carolina.
Signing day is several months away. Let the rumors continue.