The numbers are all Wright

Cashmere Wright knows a lot about numbers. The 6-foot,170-pound guard from Urban Christian High School in Savannah, Ga., tries to crunch digits every time he steps out onto the floor and his opponents see the numbers add up.
Wright, the No. 81 ranked player in the class of 2008, led the Tournament of Champions in scoring at 30.7 points a game in the 16 and under division in May. At the Wallace Prather Memorial Classic, Wright averaged around the same numbers.
"Scoring is second nature. The way I do it is breaking my points down by the quarter," Wright said. "I bring some math into my game. Most people think scoring 30 points is hard but if you sit down and think about scoring four layups a quarter, you'll score 32 point. If you score five shots a quarter, you'll score 40. It's all about the math."
Wright spent the last two years crunching numbers in his age group so a move to the Atlanta Celtics 17 and under team for the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas helped him show the other side of his game. Wright piloted the point and shined doing so.
"The summer made me more of a point guard," Wright said. "When I played on the 16 year old level, I was more of a two guard. We didn't have a lot of scorers so when I moved up, I just got the other guys on my team the ball and let them do the scoring.
"It was great because all I heard from people is 'All he can do is score,' but I think I showed that I can play the point. That's what I was growing up so it was nice to show that I could do other things."
The high-majors liked what they saw. His school list is long and growing. Wright said he is hearing from Connecticut, UAB, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Clemson, Notre Dame, Toledo, Wake Forest, Florida State, South Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Villanova and Kentucky.
"My dad told me to wait so I can visit some schools before I do anything," Wright said.
Wright said there are tentative plans to visit Wake Forest, Tennessee, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Auburn this fall. He added Georgia, Florida State and Wake Forest have offered scholarships.
It's all about the numbers. He is collecting interest just as fast as he can score the ball.