The Next Dominique Wilkins

There has been plenty of praise thrown at J.R. Giddens. As reported last night in its story, a person who knows Giddens very well -- assistant coach Albert Johnson -- felt very comfortable in stating Giddens reminded him of Paul Pierce. Johnson helps coach Giddens both on the high school level and during the AAU events.
Giddens told us last night that it was an honor to have that type of comparison. "He was a great college player and now he is a great NBA player," Giddens said. "That type of comparison is very nice to have."
But Giddens said Kansas coach Roy Williams offered another player comparison. "Coach Williams said I reminded him of Dominique Wilkins," Giddens said. "That was a very nice comparison too."
Giddens, 6-5 and 188-pounds, averaged 25 points and 7.4 rebounds last season as a junior. He will play for Athletes First this summer at the Showcase. Giddens will also attend the NIKE event in Indianapolis. He committed to Kansas over Oklahoma yesterday. "I could have seen myself going to either place," Giddens said. "But I really loved my visit to Kansas. It was a great atmosphere. The players get along so great. It was like they were family. That really impressed me."
On of his coaches, Albert Johnson told us that Giddens hit 43 percent from the floor too. "He can jump with anyone," Johnson said. "And he is getting better each game."
Giddens told us he wants to work on every part of his game. "I want to be the complete player," Giddens said. "So I am going to work on every part of it. I want to be as good a defensive players as I am offensively. So I am going to work hard on both ends before I start my senior year."
"He's a hard worker," Johnson said. "He also a great kid. Kansas fans will love him. He is an exciting player."
Will Kansas fans recall Paul Pierce when they see Giddens? "I think so," Johnson said. "Same type of player. Same style."