Terrence Roberts QA

Terrence Roberts, a 6-8, 216 pound power/combination forward from St. Anthony's H.S. in Jersey City, N.J., recently sat down with for a lengthy Q&A session.
Roberts discussed his current list and broke down his fall visit plans.
He said his top four schools are Syracuse, Florida, Virginia and Seton Hall, and he didn't rule out Maryland, Pittsburgh or UConn, either.
Roberts is slated to visit Syracuse next weekend, Sept. 13-15, and has also pledged an official visit this fall to Florida. He has already had the chance to unofficially visit both Virginia (for the Southern Invitational) and Seton Hall.
Here is the transcript of the interview that Russ Blake conducted with Roberts at a recent event: You just mentioned Syracuse as a school that is really high on your list and done a thorough job of recruiting you. Can you talk a little about their recruitment of you and your interest in their program?
Terrence Roberts: I like the fact that the Syracuse coaches keep on top of me and came to almost every one of my games. I am not downsizing any other colleges, it's just been that they've been on top of their game more than anybody else. They keep stat sheets on me and send them to my coach. I get along with their head coach and their assistant coach, Mike Hopkins very well.
RH: I know you said that four schools have done an excellent job in recruiting you -- Syracuse, Florida, Seton Hall and Virginia. They've been the most consistent/persistent schools recruiting you. Is it safe to say that Syracuse is a little above those schools based on what you just said? Or do you look at those schools as one big group?
TR: Yes, I think so. Like I said, Syracuse has done more than the other schools. And I very much appreciate that. Stats. Not only does that help them, but it helps me on what I need to work on. They sent over the stuff to my coach at the end of the summer.
RH: Can you touch on the other three schools you mentioned -- Seton Hall, Virginia and Florida?
TR: I get along with a lot of the coaches at those schools. And that's what I am going to base things on. How I get along with the coaches and the environment of the school that I decide to go to.
RH: What do you like about Florida specifically?
TR: I like the coach a lot. That's one of the main things. But I don't really know that much about Florida.
RH: Seton Hall is a local school and the closest school, in terms of distance from your home, on your list. Do they have a legitimate shot at you?
TR: I think the Pirates have a legitimate shot at me, definitely, for the simple fact that they have one of my best friends Jamar Nutter, and my former teammate, Donald Copeland. So I think they have as good a shot as anyone else on my list.
RH: Virginia is an ACC school. Where do they stack up?
TR: I think they have a very good chance, too. I had a chance to go to the school, be in the environment and at the gym where they play. And I got to see the school a little bit more than I've seen any of my other top schools.
RH: The other two schools on your list, which you have said maybe haven't recruited you as hard as the others, are Maryland and UConn. Any thoughts on them?
TR: Those are schools that have offered and showed interest. I think those are the two schools that I was mostly interested as a kid growing up, UConn and Maryland. Of course, one of my favorite players was [former UConn player] Caron Butler. Maryland has a big advantage in a way, because a lot of my family is in the Washington D.C. area, which is very close to Maryland.
RH: You are going to Syracuse soon for an official visit. Are you definitely going to take other official visits, or could you foresee yourself possibly, if you had a great trip there, maybe even making a commitment?
TR: I definitely think I am going to use all of my visits. That's one thing my coach told me would be best. If a college is that interested in me, they will wait for me to make my decision. If push comes to shove and they can't wait, it's their loss, not mine. Coach Hurley told me that it's a fun process. I worked hard, and this is what I worked hard for. So I can't give up now. Just go out there and have fun. I think that's why he doesn't want me to play AAU basketball in the fall.
RH: Is your list closed out at six, and are you going to make a fall decision?
TR: I can't really say that my list is closed out right now, because teams come and go. I think I've closed out all the teams that are a far distance away. Like Utah called me and I turned them down. And a couple of other schools. But I can't really say that it's closed down now. Hopefully, I will make a fall decision before my season starts.
RH: You were recently selected to play in the Orange and White Classic at the Five-Star Camp, but couldn't participate due to an injury you sustained. Can you explain the nature and extent of the injury?
TR: A guy set a screen on me, and I hit my knee. I went to the hospital, and they said I had a deep contusion on my knee. They said there weren't any broken bones or anything, just a deep contusion. It was my left knee, not the right knee that I had surgery on.