Terrence Roberts QA

Despite the recent commitment of 6-9 Hassan Fofana to the Maryland basketball program, Terrence Roberts still said that the Terps are still a very strong option on his list.
Roberts, the lanky 6-8 run/jump athlete deluxe from St. Anthony's H.S. in Jersey City, N.J., told that he will still visit Maryland this coming weekend for the Terps' midnight madness festivities.
Here is the transcript of the Q&A that did with Roberts on Saturday night.
Rivals Hoops: Has the commitment of Hassan Fofana affected your outlook on the Maryland basketball program?
Terrence Roberts: I don't think it affects me that much for the simple fact that I am a competitor. No matter where I go, I am going to have to work for my spot.
RH: Did Maryland tell you that they would still have a scholarship for you even if they got Fofana or another big guy?
TR: Definitely. I am still looking at Maryland. Just because they got one big guy does not mean anything to me.
RH: You've taken official visits so far to Florida, Virginia and Syracuse. How have those visits gone?
TR: I eliminated Florida. My top three is Syracuse, Virginia and Maryland.
RH: Does Syracuse still lead?
TR: You could say that. I just get along with the coaches very well and I know a lot of the players. They're so cool. I liked the environment when I was up there. The same goes for Virginia, too.
RH: Any reason that you knocked Florida out of the box?
TR: The distance thing was a big problem for me. I would like the rest of my family that's in Maryland to get a chance to see me play.
RH: Is Maryland running third in the process?
TR: I wouldn't necessarily say third, because I haven't been on my visit there. But they are definitely on my list.
RH: Is there any chance that you will entertain some other schools this fall, or are you getting tired of the process?
TR: I am getting a little tired of it. I am going sit down with my coach and see if I should take another visit to either Villanova or Pittsburgh.
RH: Where do those schools stand in your order?
TR: I don't really have an order, because all of the schools that I went to were great. I like Syracuse a lot because not only do I know the players, but I get along with the players, and they've been recruiting me the longest, and I had a good feel for the place when I was there. Plus the coaches were awesome. Coach Boeheim and Coach Hopkins are both very good guys, and I liked them a lot. But like I said, I haven't been to Maryland yet, so I can't tell what it's going to be like when I come down here.
RH: You mentioned in passing almost that about visiting Pitt and Villanova. Is that something that's a realistic possibility now?
TR: Anything is a possibility, but I can't really saw, because I am not really sure right now. I still have to think about it. One of my best friends from the *Tim Thomas Playaz, Will Sheridan, is going to Villanova. So that might not be a good idea for me. With Pitt, it just might be too late in the game for me to go there, but it depends on what me and my coach talk about and how things go when we sit down and have a conversation.
RH: Are both of those schools making a late charge at you?
TR: Well Villanova has been in there for a while, and their coach came and told me that he would still like for me to come down there. He said I could still be an effective player for them. They haven't left or come in late, they've just been laid back since they got Will Sheridan.
RH: Are you thinking about taking a visit for midnight madness, or have you not set anything else up beyond the three trips you've already taken?
TR: Well, it depends. I am going to Maryland for midnight madness on an official visit. Villanova wanted me to come down on the 22nd, and that's my senior picture day, and that's the retake day, so I really can't miss that. That's very important to me. That may knock them out for that.
RH: Do you have a timetable on a decision?
TR: Hopefully I am going to try and get this done by the end of October or early November.
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