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Taylor catching on in the 2009 class

Intriguing. That seems to be the most common word that follows Dante Taylor of National Christian Academy (Md.). The 6-foot-8, 210-pound forward from the class of 2009 is shaping up to be one of the most watched post players come July.
According to his high school coach Trevor Brown, the Rochester, N.Y. native has a theme this spring: improve every time out on the floor.
"That's pretty much been his development since he got to our school," Brown said. "He came in a little overweight, chunky dude and didn't really have any basketball skill. He had a lot of potential and he works hard.
"He loves doing the drills and he works hard in the drills. Now the development has been pretty steady. Two years, he's been playing against (former NCA player and Cincinnati bound center) Anthony McClain and the rest of our guys. He waited his turn and kept working hard and it's paying off for him."
Taylor, the No. 32 ranked player in the class of 2009, was one of the top five performers in his class at the Tournament of Champions. Despite his early accolades, there is still plenty of room for improvement and progression as a player.
"He's one of those kids that loves to be around the basket," Brown said. "I can see him being a well-rounded power forward where he can face up or have good post moves.
"He's shooting the ball better. He can hit threes now and 15 footers more consistently now. He couldn't do that when he got here. Now we are getting up about 1,500 to 2,000 shots a week and that's a lot of shots. His release was pretty good and his form is getting better. It's the little things. I'd say his shooting is getting better."
Taylor, who is a cousin to former Connecticut center Hilton Armstrong, is being courted early by the high-majors. Charlotte has offered a scholarship. Georgetown, Maryland, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Syracuse and Tennessee are looking at him.
Despite the interest, Taylor is no rush to make any kind of decision about his college future.
"He's not going to make a commitment early," Brown said. "That's just too early. A lot of kids rush into that and try to get the school that they want. If you keep on working and improving, good situations will be there. That's what it is all about. It's about the right situations."
Taylor will participate in the Nike Hoop Jamboree in two weeks. He, along with his National Christian teammates have a busy July schedule, where high-major coaches will certainly be in tow.