Talented Swing Says Hes Open

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- did speak to Regis Koundjia, the outstanding swingman from overseas who is now playing high school ball in the state of North Carolina. Just to give you a brief history of Regis' recruiting process:
It was just on April 22nd that Russ Blake reported that LSU had landed a talented small forward in Regis Koundjia. But reporter Brian Towey was treated to a surprise at the IS8 league three weeks ago when the Queens Rim Rockers/Exodus AAU team enlisted a sleeper out of the class of 2003 who shook up their match-up with the Brooklyn-Queens aka Sonday Express.
Regis, a rangy 6-8, 200-pound small forward from the Laurinburg Institute via the Republic of Central Africa, poured in 31 points in his IS8 debut, doing everything in his power to help Exodus stay afloat.
Koundjia, a junior, showed a soft shooting touch, knocking down three three-pointers, proved capable of putting it on the deck for points, and also showed that he was an able distributor and passer. He also showed a competent handle.
Koundjia continued to show these same skills this past weekend at the TOC in North Carolina. He helped the DC Assault land in the quarterfinals with his offensive game. approached Regis after the DC Assault knocked off a talented Long Island Panthers tea. We asked him where his recruiting stands. "I am not committed," Koundjia said. "I am still open. I am interested in LSU, North Carolina and Duke."
Whether North Carolina or Duke gets involved remains to be seen. If LSU does land Koundjia, this is one heck of a get. Regis is a top 50 prospect who has a solid overall offensive game. He was one of the best players at the TOC this past weekend.