Taft Wants To Visit 2 ACC Schools

Chris Taft, the burly banger from Brooklyn's Xaverian High School and the borough's Juice Crew AAU program, told us today he wants to take visits to Maryland and North Carolina next month if possible.
"I have already taken one visit," Taft said. "My first visit was to Pittsburgh. What I liked most about the visit was the new arena. It's very nice and big. It looks like a great place to play."
Taft said he will take his time in making his decision. "I'm in no rush," Taft said. "There are other schools I want to take a look at before making my decision."

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Taft lists North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Syracuse, Miami, Arizona, and Kansas. But there are many other schools that Taft said he is open to in his recruiting process.
Taft, according to his AAU coach Tiny Morton, will participate in the Adidas ABCD Tournament in July, as well as the Three Stripes Tournament at Hofstra, the St. Raymond's tournament in the middle of July, and the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament.