Taft Still Set To Visit At Least 2

Chris Taft, the burly banger from Brooklyn's Xaverian High School and the borough's Juice Crew AAU program, told us at the ABCD camp that his next visit will likely be to the campus of North Carolina in August. "I also want to visit Maryland," Taft told us from the Teaneck, New Jersey based event.
"I am interested in Connecticut but it isn't as much as the interest I have in the other schools."
Taft, who has already visited Pittsburgh, told us that Kansas is the latest school to try and get involved with him. "They are on my list," Taft said. "I have to learn more about them though."
Taft also lists Duke, Villanova, Syracuse, Miami, and Arizona. Taft will also participate in the Three Stripes Tournament at Hofstra, the St. Raymond's tournament in the middle of July, and the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament.